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Rumah Nyuka Homestay Package


Min 3 pax per trip

From RM 555 per pax

Day 1

*Road trip from Kuching to Sarikei ( est 6 hrs)

Traditional lunch pack at Murat, Betong

Welcoming ceremonies at Rh Nyuka

**Bathing at Sarikei  river

‘Get to know your hosts’ evening session

Day 2

Traditional Breakfast with your host

**Jungle trekking to Sungai Munsuh waterfalls with lunch pack

Fun evening

Day 3

Breakfast with your host

Short trip to Sarikei town

Back to Kuching

* We pick you up anywhere around Kuching

* *Activities to be determined by the weather and flood


Rumah Nyuka Homestay

The longhouse was built in 1955 and located at Lubok Lemba, Ulu Sarikei, about 17 KM from Bayong junction (Betong/Sarikei highway). It is about 40KM away from Sarikei town and estimated around 85KM  from Sibu town These longhouse can be reached by land transport and the road condition is good. There are about 300 people from 45 families staying in this longhouse and the 1st Homestay Program operator approved by Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia in Sarikei Division. There are 19 trained homestay operators. Our Homestay Program offers local Iban longhouse stay experiences and clean accommodations. You can enjoy your daily longhouse breakfast style when you stay in our homestay.



Although, your activities had been made for you but we provide flexibility to accommodate your need. Maybe you are not fit enough for jungle trekking but you can stay at the longhouse  and learn things like making our traditional food and snacks. Or just hang around at the longhouse or the river nearby. After all, it is your escapade...



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